Multimeric Biotherapeutics, Inc.

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About Multimeric Biotherapeutics

►"Multimeric" makes medicines that unleash the power of the immune system to treat cancer and serious infections.

The lead compound is MegaCD40L™, a unique 2-trimer form of CD40 ligand (CD40L), where CD40L is the most powerful immune stimulator made by the body.

Multimeric's technology is protected by issued patents worldwide.

The initial clinical program is an immunotherapy for ovarian cancer.

► A second clinical program is MegaOX40L™ as an immunotherapy for prostate cancer and other tumors.

Multimeric is also advancing an exciting new vaccine platform that uses its technology to generate CD8+ T cell responses strong enough to protect against HIV, influenza, and malaria and capable of having significant anti-tumor effects.

Separately, Multimeric earns revenues from sales of its unique lab reagents.