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MagaVax(tm) Vaccine Technology

CD8+ T cells are important immune cells that can protect against cancer and infections like influenza, HIV, and malaria. Previously, it has been very difficult to design vaccines that generate useful levels of CD8+ T cells. Now, using Multimeric's technology for making multi-trimer forms of CD40 ligand, Dr. Geoff Stone at the University of Miami has found a way to generate exceptionally strong CD8+ T cell responses in mice. The vaccine-generated immunity is so strong that the growth of a challenge virus (Vaccinia, which is similar to smallpox) was completely prevented. This type of complete protection, called "sterilizing immunity," is a landmark result that few vaccines have ever achieved. This vaccine technology is called "MagaVax" (an acronym for Multi-trimer Antigen Adjuvant Vaccine). A link to the 2014 scientific paper for this new vaccine is included in the Publications section. In the News section, there are links to press coverage of the new vaccine by PBS and the Miami Herald, as well as a link to a video interview with Dr. Stone who describes this new vaccine technology in lay terms.